16 year old javascript/typescript developer - i make websites and discord bots
i really like trains and i also like to play minecraft
born in chile, raised and living in the uk


i mainly do web development which means im proficient in typescript, javascript, html, css, and react
i also know python and sql (blame the uk education curriculum) and can use them to a decent level
im an expert in the DNS protocol and can configure DNS servers and records


"this lads coding skills are insane" - some random kid at my school whos never seen a computer before in his life (probably)
"martin ur development skills are so amazing and awesome and they give me great joy i love how you develop so skilfully and your website is awesome" - ven, an eddsworld fan
"thats proper splendid" - a guy from stoke-on-trent that i know whos literally the GOAT
"eat some chocolate chocolate chip" - Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, 46th President of the United States of America
"if looks could kill this website would be in prison " - albanian